Cofra operates worldwide, across six continents. We have our own offices but also an extensive network of offices of Boskalis, our parent company. Search for a branch or filter branches by continent, country or city. Click on the map to view contact and address details for your selected office and to get directions. Alternatively browse the list of our offices in grid view. You can also view contact details for our head office or contact us via email on this page.

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Obchodno - výrobný riaditeľ

Jaroslav Czirák cenové ponuky a realizácie

+421 263 530 861 czirak@cofra.sk

Obchodno – technický manažér

Mgr. František Malík technické riešenia a otázky

+421 263 530 861 malik@cofra.sk

ISM manažér

Ing. Anna Kŕčová

+421 911 292 911 krcova@cofra.sk

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