Cofra is an innovative contractor specialized in ground improvement techniques and membrane constructions. Innovation, professionalism and customer focus are embedded in our DNA. Thanks to our high level of experience and expertise we can provide in house the entire process from design to implementation. All based on the Cofra ‘Way of working’ in which quality and safety are key values. Cofra, as well as sister company Geotechnics, joined in 2006 Royal Boskalis Westminster, leading dredging and marine experts. Our markets are infrastructure, dredging, mining, construction, waste management, flood protection, environmental and warehousing.


We have categorized our techniques into four main segments. 

Our Consolidation and Elements segments provide solutions for the construction of embankments or fills on compressible soils like clay or peat. Our solutions in the consolidation segments relate to a full loading of the soil while in the elements segment the load is (partly) transferred by the elements to bearing strata.

The techniques in our Compaction segment provide a solution for the densification of granular material

The Barrier segment hold all our techniques that create a barrier for either soil or water.

If consulted at an early stage we can help you ensuring the project is delivered using the most appropriate techniques to the prevailing conditions and budget expectation. Feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists.



Please find below links to pages showing more detail on each segment and each solution within this specific segment. 


Find more details about our solutions to accelerate the dissipation of excess pore pressure in low permeable compressible materials and reduce residual settlements after construction.


Find more details about our solutions to densify granular material to increase the safety against liquefaction and increase the bearing capacity.


Find more details about our solutions to transfer loads down to bearing strata and decrease construction times and residual settlements in compressible soils. Some of these techniques can also be used to mitigate the risk of liquefaction.


Find more details about our solutions to block (polluted) water or sand transport